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Return of the Cask: Where you can Drink Cask Kaleidoscope in Bristol

Cask Kaleidoscope is hitting the pubs of Bristol this week - here’s where to grab a pint. Cask Beer from Wiper and TrueThe long-awaited, hotly anticipated return of Cask Kaleidoscope has finally come to pass - and we couldn't be more excited. It's hard to put into words exactly what makes this version of the beer so enjoyable; perhaps it's the residual sugar released from the final fermentation in cask; perhaps it's the unparalleled smoothness of the finished serve. Whatever it is, we think it's a near-perfect pint, and we are so pleased it's back. 

Cask Beer from Wiper and TrueWhere to drink Cask Kaleidoscope in Bristol

To make life easy for you, we’ve pulled together a list of the brilliant pubs that will be serving Cask Kaleidoscope over the next couple of weeks. Head to your local and savour a pint of the good stuff.

St Werburghs
The Duke of York
The Wiper and True Taproom

St George
The Red Church

Hare on the Hill
Hillgrove Porter Stores

Snuffy Jacks

The Drapers Arms

City Centre
Christmas Steps

King Street
Small Bar
The Beer Emporium
Famous Royal Navy Volunteer