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Beautiful Beer

Everything we do at Wiper and True is in the pursuit of Beautiful Beer. 

Wiper and True’s story begins with an apple tree. Originally, Michael Wiper and Al True wanted to make cider, and even put down roots with the planting of their own orchard. Whilst waiting for the trees to mature the pair started to experiment with making beer, and their homebrew actually tasted pretty good. The feedback from friends and family - including those who usually avoided beer - was motivation to keep brewing. 

A few months into their home brewing experimentations, a family friend was sipping on Michael’s latest batch in the garden (an Australian hopped IPA) and murmured, “cor, that’s a beautiful beer”. This was the moment of realisation for Michael and Al; the catalyst for pursuing their passion. From then on, they poured everything into Beautiful Beer - including their surnames. 


Michael Wiper

“In our homebrewing days so many people told us that they’d never order a beer, but they loved drinking ours. They liked the flavours and aromas we created, but they also clicked with our enthusiasm for the process and results. In turn, we loved changing their perceptions of what beer could taste like.” 

Nomadic Brewing

Initially, all Wiper and True beers were brewed nomadically; at other breweries Michael and Al honed their craft and sharpened their focus on what Beautiful Beer looked and tasted like. In those early days, we never brewed the same beer twice, putting innovation and experimentation at the top of our priority list each and every brewday. Word quickly spread in Bristol as the bold, exciting flavours we created attracted more and more drinkers, converting a growing following of sceptics who’d previously thought that beer wasn’t for them.  

Beer For Everyone

Demand soon went crazy as Bristol’s pubs and drinkers clamoured to get their hands on our rotating lineup of styles, and we rapidly moved into our first brewery in St Werburghs, Bristol. Squeezed into this tiny industrial warehouse, we dialled in our recipes and processes, learning to bring our creativity to life in accordance with the eccentricities and limitations of our cantankerous, second-hand brew kit. We innovated continually with new ingredients, styles and flavours, but what kept our fans coming back for more was our brewers’ deft skill in balancing all this excitement into refined, drinkable beers.

A New Era
And a new brewery, too

Over a decade into the Wiper and True journey, we still love brewing as much as we did making those first homebrews. Our colossal new brewery a mile up the road in Old Market, Bristol unlocked the next stage of our journey, providing the tools and space to reach a new level of quality. Each week, our highly trained master brewers delight in honing and refining favourite beers like Kaleidoscope and Tomorrow, and designing and brewing new recipes using the latest experimental ingredients, carefully sourced from our talented network of growers and suppliers. The brew team use our custom-engineered, German-designed brew kit to bring these recipes to life, achieving incredible technical precision and consistency.

Top-of-the-range, gleaming silver fermentation vessels allow our carefully designed flavour profiles to develop slowly, whilst our refrigerated warehouse ensures beers taste as nuanced when they reach you as in tank. There’s even a closed loop system to capture carbon dioxide released during the fermentation process, reducing our carbon footprint and negative impact on the planet. Our new home provides the ultimate playground for combining technical and creative excellence.

Beautiful Beer
Our Pursuit

A genuine passion brought to life as an independent, family-run business, Wiper and True now employs over fifty talented individuals, united by the pursuit of Beautiful Beer. Today, this mantra shapes every aspect of the way we do business. Our treatment of our team, suppliers and customers; our impact on the planet; your individual experience in our taprooms: every touchpoint is considered through the lens of Beautiful Beer. 

Each time you sit down to enjoy that first, perfectly chilled sip we want you to pause and think to yourself, "cor, that's Beautiful Beer".

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