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Wiper and True party packages are expertly designed for work Christmas parties, festive get-togethers with friends and family... whoever you fancy a knees-up with, basically. Our beautiful venue is wheelchair-friendly and entirely inclusive, with space for groups of 30-70. 

A graphic displaying the Wiper and True party packages


We're making it easy for organisers with a choice of two simple, all-inclusive packages, Party or Party Plus:

Party Package (£40 per person)

  • Welcome drink + cracker
  • Delicious feast of Japanese treats, including yakitori skewers, umami-bomb nibbles, gyoza and more
  • 3 drinks per guest*

Party Package Plus (£55 per person)

  • As above, with 6 drinks* per guest

* Alcoholic drink choices include: Kaleidoscope Pale Ale/Today Lager/Tomorrow Low-Alcohol Lager/Lemondrop Hill Gluten-Free Pale Ale)/Cider/House Wine. Soft drinks also available. 

Bonus Activity (£10 per person)

Fancy a party starter activity? For an extra £10 per person,  kick-off your party with a guided beer tasting activity, led by our knowledgeable team. During the tasting your group will enjoy three different beers, learning the tips and tricks to tasting a beer properly. It's the perfect ice breaker. 


If you'd like to party with us, please complete the enquiry form below, and our team will be in touch within two working days.