Cask Is King! Our Limited Edition Cask-Only Mild: Heading Home

Cask Is King! Our Limited Edition Cask-Only Mild: Heading Home


Heading Home, Wiper and True Cask Mild

In celebration of ‘Mild May’ next month, Wiper and True have brewed a batch of a traditional cask-only mild, available across the country. Brewed to 3.7% ABV, this wonderfully drinkable beer is called Heading Home, and will be available in pubs nationwide, and our own taproom in Old Market, Bristol, from the end of April and throughout May. 

What's so wonderful about mild?

At Wiper and True, a fair number of our team are fairly evangelical about mild. We love a historic recipe, and the mild is one of our favourites in British brewing history.

It’s a beautifully humble, traditional British beer style which earns its spot on any bar, even if its deceptive simplicity meant it fell out of fashion in recent decades.

The magic of mild is found in the perfect balance between hops, malt and yeast. Each ingredient brings its own characterful flavours, but none are too overpowering; everything works in harmony together. Our brew team have been hard at work researching the style, and have created something wonderfully drinkable, that keeps you coming back for more.

Wiper and True Cask Mild

For all our brilliant locals, we're hosting a launch event at our Old Market taproom on Wednesday 3rd May. The event is free to attend and includes a half pint of Heading Home, a guided tasting from brewery founder Michael Wiper and Production Manager Karl Gowing.

Heading Home will be pouring in brilliant pubs in Bristol and nationwide. A full list of venues will be published on our social media in early May.  

Heading Home Mild Launch Night Poster