We capture and re-use carbon dioxide produced in fermentation, preventing its release into the atmosphere and reducing our footprint.


    Our brewery roof is covered in a 159kW solar array, which covers a large proportion of our electricity demand.


    Cardboard is huge in the brewing game. Ours is all 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified.


    There's no plastic packaging in Wiper and True beer deliveries; our boxes are carefully closed with recyclable paper tape.

We make great beer for good people. Here’s what our drinkers say:

How do I earn Kaleidocoin loyalty points?

You can earn Kaleidocoin loyalty points by ordering from our website, leaving us a review, and several more actions. When you’ve saved up a good chunk of points, you can then swap them for a voucher to spend with us online. You can use your voucher on anything you like, from gift boxes to merchandise to the freshest beers. Click here to learn more.

How should I store and serve my beer?

Straight from our fridge into yours. To enjoy our Beautiful Beer at its best, it should be refrigerated and stored upright. All our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised, ensuring each sip is full of flavour. This means it may contain a small amount of sediment. This sediment is totally harmless and safe to drink; in fact it contributes to the beer’s complex flavour profile, but if you prefer not to, pour your beer gently into the glass.

Can I get Wiper and True beer on subscription?

Yes! Our permanent beers are available on subscription, and we also offer a monthly delivery called The Club, containing a mixture of our freshest seasonal releases and permanent beers. Find out more about Wiper and True beer subscriptions here.