Marmalade Trust, Bristol

May Charity Partner: Marmalade Trust, A Bristol Loneliness Charity

Charity & Fundraising

April Update

At the beginning of the year Wiper and True introduced our Charity Partners scheme. We designed this simple scheme as a fundraising system, with many members of our team choosing causes close to their hearts (often local) to fundraise for each month. As well as donating money as a business from various campaigns, we alway aimed to establish an easy way for you, our drinkers, to donate to great causes as you enjoy our beer.

The scheme has been going brilliantly so far, with money raised for the MAZI project, Bristol Refugee Rights and more essential local charities. In April, we raised £191.55 for DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, thanks to your generous donations through our online shop, buying pints of our Karma Keg at the Taproom, and online shop orders during our charity donation week last week. Thank you to every one who helped us raise money.

May Charity Partner: Marmalade Trust, A Bristol Loneliness Charity

The Marmalade Trust, Bristol

For the month of May our chosen Charity Partner is the brilliant Bristol organisation Marmalade Trust. Marmalade Trust is the UK’s leading loneliness charity for all ages, and the only charity in the world specifically dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness. They are a small charity on a big mission, with growing momentum behind them. They take two key approaches to loneliness;

  1. Number one: through their projects they identify the people most at risk from experiencing loneliness in society, and signpost them to the right support and resources to help empower them to make new friendships and connections.

  2. Number two: through their national and international campaigns their raise awareness about loneliness across all sections of society. On both a micro and macro level they are committed to bringing about positive and lasting change. And making new friends while they do it!

As a small business, Wiper and True are proud to be able to choose to support this Marmalade Trust and their essential work.  

How does the Wiper and True Charity Partner programme work?

Each month, the Wiper and True team choose a charity to partner with. All of our fundraising efforts that month will raise money for this charity or cause.

How do you raise money for the charities?

Each month we will be raising money by three methods:

  1. We donate: we will donate £1 from every order on our online shop for a certain time period in a month - usually a week or weekend at a time. This doesn't cost you anything extra - we make the donation on your behalf. We will let you know when this is happening each month, via our social media channels.

  2. Karma Keg: each month at our Bristol Taproom we will choose a designated 'Karma Keg'. Usually an exciting new release, we'll donate 100% of the profits from this keg to our chosen charity. We will mark the chosen Karma Keg clearly on our beer menus. All you have to do is order a pint! 

  3. You donate: you may have noticed the option to add an additional charity donation when checking out an order on our online shop. We'll collect these additional donations for our chosen charity for a whole month, then make a lump sum donation at the end of the month.

And that's it. We're proud to be spending May fundraising for Marmalade Trust. We hope some of you will join us at the Taproom throughout the month to help us drain our next Karma Keg dry - this will be clearly marked on menus, or ask our team.