Bristol Pride Without Borders, Wiper and True Charity Partner

March Charity Partner: Bristol Pride Without Borders

Charity & Fundraising

February update

This year we introduced Charity Partners at Wiper and True; an easy way to donate to great causes as you enjoy our beer. In February, we raised £235.38 for the brilliant Mazi Project, thanks to your generous donations through our online shop, buying pints of our Karma Keg at the Taproom, and online shop orders during our charity donation week last week. Thank you to every one of you who supported us in the second month of the initiative.

March Charity Partner: Bristol Pride Without Borders

It's a new month and a new Charity Partner at Wiper and True. This month, we're proud to be supporting Bristol Pride Without Borders. Part of Bristol Refugee Rights, BPWB help LGBTQ+ people in our city live in safety as asylum seekers and refugees. 

Many asylum seekers and refugees face homelessness, destitution, isolation, exclusion and housing issues. LGBTQ+ asylum seekers face additional barriers due to marginalisation and a culture of disbelief in their asylum application. All LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers that Bristol Pride Without Borders support are Black, Asian or an Ethnic Minority. They do not have the right to work, and all face homelessness and destitution. They live on £39.63 a week, often in crammed houses with other individuals who can be homophobic. They may have to hide their gender or sexual orientation to not encounter abuse where they are housed. In addition, 3 out of 4 of individuals will be refused asylum by the Home Office due to a culture of disbelief. These people become homeless and their allowance is cut off once they are refused protection as refugees. They need safe housing, destitution support, a sense of belonging and assistance with evidencing their asylum claim.

Bristol Pride Without Borders currently has 45 active members, 5 of whom are trans. The project meets the vital needs of these individuals and their families including shelter, food, safety, medication, devices and data. In addition, their team reach up to 30 people each week to provide wellbeing services, combat isolation and respond to mental health emergencies. Their PRIDE group have multiple online platforms for daily communication as well as weekly support meetings.

Most importantly, Bristol Pride Without Borders provide support with people's asylum application. They help individuals prove their gender identity and/or sexual orientation, which they often had been hiding their whole life due to fear of persecution. They provide evidence in their application, or appear in court as witnesses during an appeal. This is very extensive and intensive work that is highly costly, but through this work the team have secured refugee status to 35 people. This means they can now live in the U.K. with dignity and without fear of deportation to a country where their life is under threat.

As a small business, Wiper and True are proud to be able to choose to support this wonderful organisation and their essential work.  

How does the Wiper and True Charity Partner programme work?

Each month, the Wiper and True team choose a charity to partner with. All of our fundraising efforts that month will raise money for this charity or cause.

How do you raise money for the charities?

Each month we will be raising money by three methods:

  1. We donate: we will donate £1 from every order on our online shop for a certain time period in a month - usually a week or weekend at a time. This doesn't cost you anything extra - we make the donation on your behalf. We will let you know when this is happening each month, via our social media channels.
  2. Karma Keg: each month at our Bristol Taproom we will choose a designated 'Karma Keg'. Usually an exciting new release, we'll donate 100% of the profits from this keg to our chosen charity. We will mark the chosen Karma Keg clearly on our beer menus. All you have to do is order a pint! 
  3. You donate: you may have noticed the option to add an additional charity donation when checking out an order on our online shop. We'll collect these additional donations for our chosen charity for a whole month, then make a lump sum donation at the end of the month.

And that's it! We're really looking forward to a month of fundraising for Bristol Pride Without Borders. We hope some of you will join us at the Taproom this weekend to help us drain our next Karma Keg dry - it's a very special cask release of our bestselling beer, Kaleidoscope. Join us at the Taproom this Friday at 6pm for a free guided live tasting of the beer, then stay to enjoy a couple of pints, safe in the knowledge that the money you spend on beer will be going directly to Bristol Pride Without Borders.