The Wiper and True Tap Room & Can Kiosk - Covid Rules

Corona Chronicles Continued: Our Rules Post-19th July

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The Wiper and True Tap Room & Can Kiosk - Covid Rules

As the rules around Covid-19 restrictions change again from the 19th July onwards, we wanted to update you all on how we will be running the Wiper and True Tap Room and Can Kiosk for the foreseeable future.

Face coverings

We continue to require everyone to wear a face covering if you enter our building to use the bathroom. We strongly encourage everyone to wear a face covering whilst moving between tables outside.


From Friday 23rd July we are increasing our seating capacity, however we will continue to operate with outdoor seating only at this time. There will be no tables indoors, and we aren't taking bookings, so please continue to just rock up.


From Friday 23rd July there will not be a member of staff at the entrance to welcome you to your table – just find a spot yourself. Please respect those that may not wish to share a table - ask them before you sit down.

We will continue to operate with table service only via the web-based browser and QR code.

Safety measures

We are continuing with the Covid-19 safety measures we already have in place, including the provision of hand sanitiser throughout the venue, staff wearing face coverings, and following social distancing guidelines. If you would like to check in via NHS Test and Trace please feel free to do so, although it will no longer be required to enter the venue.

Can Kiosk

The take-out Can Kiosk will continue to operate as card only, no cash payments.

Thank you for your understanding and for continuing to be supportive of our business and team.