Sustainability at Wiper and True

Sustainability at Wiper and True

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Sustainability at Wiper and True

At Wiper and True we are constantly working to make our brewery as sustainable as possible. 

It’s no secret that brewing uses a lot of energy and creates a significant amount of by-products. We want our overall impact on the planet to be a positive one, so in the day-to-day running of our business, we’re always focused on tackling the biggest environmental impacts that our brewery is making, whether that be our energy demand, efficiency savings, waste products or ingredient sourcing.

Read on to find out what we’re already up to at our current sites in St Werburghs, and to discover our plans for our 28,000 square foot new brewery and taproom building in Old Market, Bristol. 

Current Actions

  • Energy tariffs: for the last two years, our brewery, office building and Barrel Store have been powered by a 100% green energy tariff, including renewable electricity, carbon offset natural gas and a green gas. 
  • Brewing efficiency: we are constantly monitoring our efficiency in the brewhouse, looking at the amount of energy and water used per litre of beer we create. Why do we do this? So we can begin to create a set of targets to drive down the resources taken to create our beer, and reduce our overall impact on the planet.
  • Spent grain: all of our spent grain (the term for used malt which we’ve extracted sugars from) is collected by a local farmer, Will Weaver. Will uses this grain to feed his cows, giving it a second lease of life. 
  • Can labels: our labels are made of cornstarch, not plastic. To recycle, leave the label on the can and stick it in your recycling bins. During industrial recycling, the label acts as a fuel in the smelting process, serving a second function.
  • Cardboard boxes: all of our beer cans are packaged into Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard boxes, and we use recyclable paper tape in place of plastic tape to seal these boxes.
  • Mini kegs: the mini kegs we use are certified carbon neutral, with the manufacturers carbon offsetting the energy used in the production process.
  • Kegs: the majority of our beer sold at trade is packaged into reusable aluminum kegs produced by a company called KegStar. Once empty, tese kegs are collected from venues and washed at KegStar depots, before being returned to us to refill.
  • B-Corp: Wiper and True are in the process of applying for B-Corp status. This strengthens our own commitment to carefully consider the impact of every decision we make as a business, by making it a legal requirement to think about our team members, our customers, our suppliers, our community and our planet at every turn. 

Future Plans

We are now seeing promising commitments regarding climate change from our government, but waiting for policy to be implemented and begin delivering meaningful change takes a long time. At Wiper and True we believe that as a business, we have the power and the responsibility to act more quickly than that. 

That’s why as our business grows, we’re focusing a huge proportion of our resources around sustainability. We want to be drivers for change, and a success story that inspires other businesses, in our industry and further afield, to join us in the work needed to save our planet. 

As we plan and build our new brewery site in Old Market, Bristol, we are working with independent sustainability experts Eunomia and others to develop a holistic sustainability action plan that considers all aspects of our environmental impact, including scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions. Our main goal is to line ourselves up with Bristol City Councils target to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, if not sooner. Watch this space for more updates as we work towards this ambitious but essential goal.