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Wiper and True are delighted to be hiring for a new role: Packaging Operative.

You'll find the job description for the role below. To apply for the vacancy, please follow the links below which will take you to an external application page.

If you have any questions about the vacancy or your application, please email jamey@wiperandtrue.com. You can view our applicant privacy policy here

Wiper and True: Our Team 

Vacancy: Packaging Operative

Closing date: Midnight, 20th April 2021

As a Packaging Operator you will report to our Packaging Manager, who will set and support your daily and weekly tasks. You will support our brewery production by keeping the packaging operations flowing smoothly and properly, helping out with a wide range of tasks, which will vary from day to day. Adhering to a quality control system, standard operating procedures and hygiene standards will be a key focus for this position. You will process raw materials, packaging materials and chemicals.

As Packaging Operator you are expected to support the Packaging Manager on kegging and canning days. There are also general maintenance tasks that you are expected to be competent in and carry out from time to time. For a full and detailed job description and to apply for this position, click here.