Sexism in the Beer Industry: A message from the Wiper and True Team

Sexism in the Beer Industry: A message from the Wiper and True Team

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Sexism in the Beer Industry: A message from the Wiper and True Team 

We’d like to open with a very simple statement. Wiper and True will not tolerate sexism in our business, and as a team we are determined to foster positive change across our industry. Our initial practical actions regarding sexism in the brewing industry are set out below, and we will keep you up to date with our progress. 

As many of you will have seen, over the last fortnight a huge discussion has unfolded across the US beer scene around sexism, harassment and sexual assault in our industry. 

Whilst we wish things were different in the UK, there is no doubt that these issues are prevalent here too. Wiper and True stands in solidarity with anyone who has experienced discrimination of any kind, and we hope that this spotlight on sexism in the brewing industry will provide a long overdue opportunity for discussion and positive change. 

We have begun examining our business and processes to ensure that we aren’t overlooking and are actively challenging sexism as an issue in our workplace, for our customers, and more broadly across our industry. 



We pride ourselves on being a decent bunch, and it’s easy for us to assume that we’re all nice people and that this could never impact our team. However we recognise that avoiding and proactively fighting these assumptions is key to long-term change. We are therefore planning training for our entire team.

We have also begun consultation to make sure there are clear, safe and accessible routes for flagging internal issues of any proportion, and to work out a path of accountability for anything that arises. 


We are meeting next week to plan measures that ensure all our customers have a positive experience interacting with the Wiper and True brand, be that when visiting our tap room and kiosk, or a beer festival. We are also taking measures to ensure that our staff are safe and comfortable in all these scenarios. 


We would also like to look beyond our own business and at our industry more widely - these are just the first steps. As a priority, ahead of our upcoming roster of beer festivals we are working on a strategy to ensure that we are running the safest, most welcoming, and prejudice-free bar we possibly can. If you have any suggestions of ways we can achieve this or things you’d like to see enacted, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either via our social channels or by emailing

We will be joining the Burum Collective Common Grounds Conference this Monday to discuss the next steps for our industry. We encourage all our peers to join us. 


On a practical note, next week we will be donating £1 from every online order to Bristol Women’s Voice, a local charity who make sure women’s voices are heard and their concerns acted upon. 

Finally, as we reopen the Wiper and True Tap Room this weekend, we want to say one last thing: please be nice to all members of our staff and to each other when you visit our venue.