Low-Alcohol Kaleidoscope Is Here.

Low-Alcohol Kaleidoscope Is Here.


This is a huge moment at Wiper and True. After months of development and focus, our flagship pale ale Kaleidoscope is now available as a 0.5% low-alcohol beer. Brewed on site at our independent Bristol-based brewery, low-alcohol Kaleidoscope proudly joins the original 4.2% pale ale in our lineup of permanent beers.

Why Low-Alcohol Kaleidoscope?

After the sellout launch of Tomorrow (our 0.5% lager) last year, we had our sights firmly set on brewing an exceptional low-alcohol pale ale next. For Wiper and True, it had to be Kaleidoscope. As our flagship beer, Kaleidoscope helped grow our reputation from a tiny team of nomadic brewers to a thriving brewery that proudly employs over 50 team members. In Bristol alone, we have sold over a quarter of a million pints of Kaleidoscope in the last year. Put simply, we love it and our drinkers love it. It was the obvious choice for our low-alcohol pale ale.    

How It’s Made

The reason that our team enjoys brewing and drinking Kaleidoscope so much is because of its balance. Brewed with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops, there’s light, citrusy refreshment with a bright, tropical edge, but there’s also a satisfying note of clean bitterness that prevents the beer from becoming cloying. Kaleidoscope’s malt base provides a robust body for those nuanced flavours, creating a mouthfeel that’s heavier than a lager, but remains extremely drinkable with soft biscuit notes, a hazy finish and a soft, fluffy head. A huge number of tweaks, improvements and refinements have evolved in the recipe over the years, and the result is something we're incredibly proud of.

To make low-alcohol Kaleidoscope, we brew Kaleidoscope to its original recipe, and at full 4.2% strength. This beer is then processed through our De-Alcoholiser, a high-tech, market-leading piece of technology which uses incredibly high pressure to separate the alcohol from the beer whilst retaining all the flavour and aroma. 

The De-Alcoholiser

With the De-Alcoholiser machine in our brewery, we can confidently create the truest expression of full-flavoured Kaleidoscope as you know - without compromise on technique or ingredients. The finished beer tastes beautiful, and we're really proud of the journey we've been on to get here. 

Watch the video below to hear Marvin Lindner, our Head Brewer, explain in more detail how de-alcoholisation works, and get your hands on a case here.