Living Wage Week & Beyond: Our Ongoing Pledge to Fair Wages

Living Wage Week & Beyond: Our Ongoing Pledge to Fair Wages

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This week is Living Wage Week and, at Wiper and True, we’re proud to be a living wage employer. 

What’s the difference between minimum wage and Living Wage? 

Unlike the regular minimum wage, the Living Wage isn't something the law says you have to pay. Instead, it's what companies choose to pay their workers because they want to make sure they earn enough to live well.

How is it calculated?

The Living Wage is calculated independently by the Living Wage Foundation, a UK-based organisation. They add up what it costs to have a place to live, eat, get around, and cover everyday stuff. The goal is to make sure people and families can handle these basic needs without needing help from the government or charities.

What does it mean for us? 

The salaries of everyone who works for Wiper and True is calculated from the living wage, regardless of whether they’re a full-time employee or paid by the hour. 

We're proud to have been a Living Wage employer since 2019 and we're open to chat with other businesses about this decision, so more employees can benefit from a fairer system