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In January 2022, we kicked off our Charity Partners programme; a simple fundraising scheme, for organisations close to our hearts. Different members of the Wiper and True team chose local causes to support each month, and with your support, we raise as much cash as possible to support their work. 

In June, we're doing things slightly differently. 


This month, Wiper and True are raising money for Galop, the UK's leading LGBT+ anti-abuse charity. Find out more about what they do over on their website.

Instead of our usual monthly charity partner programme work, this month we are donating 100% of the profits from a limited edition batch of Kaleidoscope and all the profits from a run of limited edition t-shirts, featuring a rainbow elephant on the back. Those ordering from the online shop have the option to make an additional donation via a “tip” function at checkout, too.

Two light-skinned people with short brown hair sit opposite each other at a wooden table. They both wear white t-shirts with a rainbow elephant on the back.

The limited edition fundraising batch is available in both can and on draught. You can order cans directly from our website, or look out for the limited edition kegs at your favourite bar.