Happy Birthday to Us! A Trip Down Memory Lane & A Look to the Future

Happy Birthday to Us! A Trip Down Memory Lane & A Look to the Future

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Wiper and True: Our Story


This year, we’re celebrating our fifth birthday and the third anniversary of getting the keys to our own brewery. Our very first brew here at York Street was on April Fool’s Day 2015. This has coincided with a piece of news that we’re excited about as it represents a huge step for us as a small business.

As of 30th April Kaleidoscope Pale Ale, Quintet India Pale Ale and Milk Shake Milk Stout will all be stocked in Waitrose stores across the UK. We’re delighted, it’s made a fantastic 5th birthday present. These milestones have made us reflect on our journey so far and this is best captured by those who make our brewery what it is today - the team behind the beer.

 “One of the reasons we decided to start Wiper and True was the response from Michael’s friends and family to his home brewing. Many people said, “I don’t really like beer, but I like that”.

In the five years since we started our local customer base in Bristol has grown, we’ve gained national distribution and have exported our beer to 10 countries. Yet recent figures suggest that craft beer still represents less than 5% of the overall beer sold in the UK (compared to over 20% in the US). That’s a lot of people still to have their beer epiphany, which will be helped by having more craft breweries on supermarket shelves, growing the category for everyone.

As part of the frequently referenced John Lewis Partnership, with its strong principles on ethical purchasing and labour standards, working with Waitrose will help inspire us to be a better business whilst taking our beer to a new audience and growing the number of people enjoying better beer.

Experimentation with a view to refinement of our craft is central to our character and will continue to be. We're proud that Waitrose ha embraced the ever-changing hop profiles in our Kaleidoscope Pale Ale and Quintet India Pale Ale.”

Words by Martin Saunders, Commercial Director



“The first time I ever came to Bristol I went to The Barley Mow and tried Milkshake. It is - and probably always will be - my favourite beer. I love Milk Stouts, anything that tastes like dessert! I have also, coincidentally, got to brew it lots so I’ve gotten to become quite familiar with it and watched the recipe evolve over the last couple of months.” Amanda, Brewer

“Phantasmagoria. I think it is exquisite beer, served from a unique setting. The ratings are backing that up.” Francesca, Director

“That’s like choosing a favourite child! The Keeper Beer Barley Wine, which was eventually blended with XK Ale collaboration with Partizan, holds so many memories for me. We generally only had it pouring at events or cracked a bottle at celebrations so it has a sense of occasion and happy memories associated with it. But more than that it is a divine sweet, vanilla and caramel elixir from heaven” Vicky, Sales and Marketing.

“Most recently Vital One, XX, and Hard Shake. I also loved Don't Get Lemon and single hop Citra IPA. Ultimately I'd have to go for single hop Mosaic Pale.” Chris, Warehouse Manager

“I’m really proud of Kaleidoscope. We designed the beer from the ground up, taking on the challenge of brewing a fairly low strength beer but retaining all the body and flavour we had come to love in our stronger Pale Ales. It was a meeting of minds of all aspects of the team and I think that really comes through in the beer. We focused on my favourite part of a good beer - contradictions. We wanted it to be simple but complex at the same time, full bodied but crisp, smooth but with a bitter kick, effervescent but soft, packed with hops but still balanced… I feel like we have achieved those ambitions and despite it being our most frequently brewed beer I always look forward to one, and then enjoy it immensely.” Michael, Founder

“All The Colours of the Dark. It was the most awesome Sour Black IPA which we brewed in collaboration with Hell Fire Video Club.” Karl, Brewer

“Sweet, nectar of the Gods KaleiDIPA, the first batch of Phantasmagoria and the clean, BA Bristol Vice which is being released soon.” Lucy, Sales and Marketing

“Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout Hard Shake in Woodford Reserve Barrels was an absolute sensation. Blew me away. But I'm really looking forward to what other beers come out of the wood. But also Phantasmagoria is an incredible IPA, hard to beat a super fresh tank beer.” Joe, Operations Manager



“Had my first solo brew the other day, wasn’t a bad time” Karl, Brewer.

“Becoming a forklift driver! Moving up to the new warehouse and office and getting the warehouse up and running. I guess just keeping things running while we get busier and busier.” Chris, Warehouse Manager

“Being involved in all aspects of a beer’s life with the XX project and working more closely with the women in the team to create something so special. Seeing people enjoying the beer and getting behind the concept at the launch and online was great” Lucy, Sales and Marketing

“Working with the whole team in developing the various projects that we have been rolling out over the past couple of years. Each new project is more exciting than the last.” Joe, Operations Manager

“Opening our tap room with fresh tank beer and starting our tours are undeniably headline achievements. It does so much more than just sell beer.” Francesca, Director

“I attend lots of events and festivals which are always enjoyable. Of all the beer festivals we attend, London Craft Beer Festival is always the one I most look forward to. It captures the energy of the craft beer community – it’s relaxed, fun and always filled with lots of laughs and incredible beers.” Vicky, Sales and Marketing

 “I have been so proud to see the business and the team growing and thriving over the last three years.  It’s such a great place to work, simply because of the team itself and because of the pride that we all have in the brand and the product.” Claire, Accounts



 “There’s lots to be excited about! New tap room plans, barrel projects - but I think I’m most excited about helping develop the new sensory program. I think beer tasting is very important and not only benefits us as a company when talking about our beer to consumers or identifying if there are faults or defects along the beers life-time but I think it’s damn interesting! And there’s lots to know about different compounds and how everyone reacts to them.” Amanda, Brewer

“Helping evolve W&T's ever growing brand - be that beer, taproom, bar, the next big step.” Joe, Operations Manager

“I’m really looking forward to developments in the barrel ageing project and seeing the curious process of ageing beers unfold. It’s a wild and unpredictable journey and one that is hugely satisfying to observe. The results are often so captivating, with the oak and yeasts adding new dimensions to the beer. I also have lots of ideas about new beer recipes that we are keen to develop and hone in the next year, introducing new yeasts, hops and brewing techniques as we go.” Michael, Founder

“Sunny Saturdays spent outside the Tap Room.” Lucy, Sales and Marketing