Enjoy Today: Our New Lager Is Here To Stay

Enjoy Today: Our New Lager Is Here To Stay


We love lager. 

It’s simple, but it’s complex. It’s light, but it’s satisfying. You can obsess over every nuanced detail of the stuff, savouring each carefully crafted sip, or you can simply knock it back by the glass; it’s just beer, after all. Balanced, delicious, golden, perfect, beautiful beer.  

A pint of lager

Since our head brewer Marvin joined the Wiper and True team a few years ago, we’ve really become enchanted by brewing lager. A German Master Brewer trained to the highest standards in the world, Marvin brings a level of obsession to designing lager recipes, focusing on precision and quality in every single batch (a rigour which he applies to all our beers, too). Together with our incredibly talented production team, Marv has helped us hone our craft, dialling in recipes to create drinkable, refreshing, beers that we’re really proud of. We aren’t reinventing the wheel; we stick to traditional methods and ingredients, brewed simply and slowly. 

This week, we’re delighted to present our new core range lager: Today. A 4.7% lager that’s brewed in the Munich Helles style, this beer is a nod to Marvin’s brewing heritage, and a celebration of our new brewery. Today replaces York Street Lager in our core range, reflecting the relocation of our main brewing operations away from York Street, St Werburghs, over to Old Market. 

Two Wiper and True cans against a white background. A third can is being poured into a glass

Brewed slowly with finest German Barke Pilsner and Munich malt and fermented at low temperatures, Today pours a bright, pale golden colour, with just the slightest touch of haze. A fluffy, creamy head of foam forms in the glass, releasing the Helles’ trademark aromas of bread crust, balanced by traditional earthy, green grass notes of noble German hops, Hallertauer Tradition. The mouthfeel of the beer is full and round; heavier than a Pilsner, with relatively low, very precise and clean bitterness, thanks to its lengthy maturation period in tank - around 35 days. This slow lagering process gives the Munich yeast strain time to work its magic, munching through everything in its path to create a totally clean, quick and pure finish. It’s this gentle, un-rushed approach that helps make Today a very drinkable, satisfying beer. 

Today is available now in can, with kegs to follow in early summer. We hope you enjoy Today. 

Many cans of Wiper and True lager dotted around against a white background