A Fond Farewell to Will

A Fond Farewell to Will

Brewery News
Will Hartley, Wiper and True

After nearly six years at the helm of the brewery, our Head Brewer William Hartley will be leaving Wiper True in the New Year. 

Will has been instrumental in building Wiper and True into the brewery it is today. He joined the team in the early months of the company, taking a break from his studies to help out on bottling runs on cold winter’s days in various breweries and garages around the west country. Michael and Will would stand, filling and capping by hand and talking non stop about beer. It wasn't long before Will got the bug and joined the team on a permanent basis, doubling our staff in the process. 

Fast forward to today and Will is an exceptional brewer with an IBD Diploma in brewing, managing our entire production and being the passionate, tenacious guardian of our beer. He has been part of the fabric of our company and integral in the pivotal moments that have got us to where we are today. 

Will has decided it’s time to move on to new challenges and gain experience in the wonderful world of beer outside of Wiper and True. We are very sorry to see him go but equally as excited for him about his new opportunities and ventures. 

Will is due to leave in February 2019. We will be looking to recruit a new Head Brewer in the coming weeks. For more information please see http://wiperandtrue.com/vacancy-head-brewer/.