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Our Values

Wiper and True's Company Values

The Wiper and True team worked together to develop a set of four key company values. These values define who we are as a team, and we work hard to live by them every day, using them to help us make decisions as a business.

Constantly Improving

We consistently look at ways to learn and improve as a business, for the benefit of our beers, our customers and our team.

A Force of Good

We act with thoughtful integrity in all areas of the business, looking beyond the scope of our products to ensure we integrate with and contribute to sustainable positive change for our local community and the wider world.

Inclusive Respect

We build and maintain a safe and inclusive workplace for our people, where everyone is respected, listened to and can affect positive change for Wiper and True.

Celebrating Success

We create a working environment where individuals and teams feel supported, satisfied and proud of their achievements, whatever the circumstances or challenges they may be facing.