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Football For Good: A World Cup-Free Zone

The World Cup at Wiper and True

Wiper and True aren't showing any of the Qatar world cup matches at our two venues.
Instead, we're hosting a series of all-inclusive events to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our community.
From beginner-friendly table football tournaments to free pints for anyone attired in the colours of the rainbow, to good-vibes-only DJs playing the biggest and best queer anthems - we're creating a fun, safe space - for everybody to enjoy.
Come down for a drink, enjoy a dance, avoid the madness. Everyone is welcome at our place.
FOOSBALL TOURNAMENTS: will happen every Friday evening, with games kicking off at 7pm ish. Teams can be submitted via email to or turn up and play on the night. Prizes for winners and best team names!
SHOW YOUR COLOURS: Rainbow attire gets you a free pint!
CHARITY: As well as our special 'Football For Good' beer release, we're continuing to fundraise for Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign throughout November, so will welcome donations via a charity box on the bar.
Got an idea for any event you want to organise with us? Drop us a line on