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Beer Care

We take the care of our beer very seriously. Along with ongoing monitoring whilst in tank, all our beers are tested before release through both in-house and external laboratory testing. This is to ensure the product you receive is of the best quality and fulfils our aim to brew extraordinary beer.

To ensure this standard is also upheld in the dispense of our beer, we have specific recommendations on the best way to serve our products. The list below is a general recommendation for all our products in KegStar but please check the keg label which may state product specific guidelines according to the beer style.  

We understand that all dispense systems are different and only you and those who installed your system will know how to use it best. If any of the criteria below do not match your set up this may be one factor causing your dispense problem however this does not necessarily mean it will be the only problem. 

 Guidelines for all our KegStar products (unless otherwise stated): 


Cellar Temp 11 - 13 Degrees
Gas Mix 60/40 or 100% Co2 (Depending on cellar temperature and length to bar)
Pressure Variable - see Pressure vs Cellar Temperature Chart
Dispense Temp 5 - 7 Degrees
Keg Coupler In good working order. Check for damaged seals

We have developed some guides to help customers with dispensing our KegStar products. This includes a dispense troubleshooting guide and pressure setting charts (according to cellar temperature and gas mix). Please click on the links below to find out more or email us with any queries.