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Accessibility At The Taproom, Old Market

Accessibility at the Taproom

We're working hard to make the Old Market Taproom as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. There is level access throughout, a large section of dropped height bar, and an accessible toilet. We have two accessible car parking spots, and always keep plenty of seating with moveable furniture and low-height tables reserved for wheelchair access. We will always have a large print drinks menu available, and some of our venue signage is printed in braille. Our bar staff are all trained to look out for anyone who may face communication challenges, and we'll always do our absolute best to ensure that everyone can comfortably order a drink in a way that suits them, and then enjoy our venue.


Our toilets are safe and welcoming for all gender identities; we will not tolerate any kind of gender discrimination within our venues. There are floor-to-ceiling partitions with no gaps above or below the doors, and sinks within several of the cubicles. Our baby change units are contained within these cubicles, and there is a separate urinal room. 

If you have any questions about visiting the taproom, or would like to make suggestions on things you'd like to see done differently, please do get in touch on