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XX Launch - Wiper and True Brewery, Bristol



XX is a celebration of the longstanding contribution of women to the world of beer, brewed for release on International Women's Day. The creation of XX  - from recipe development, brewing and packaging to sales and promotion - is entirely the work of the women from Wiper and True.

Named XX to represent the female chromosomes, the brew is a Gooseberry Wheat Beer brewed with the botanicals meadowsweet and heather. Botanicals were chosen as a tribute to our alewife predecessors, the original makers and sellers of beer, who used botanicals to flavour and preserve beer. 

XX will be available across the UK in bottle and on draft. It will be pouring in all Draft Houses ( on Thursday 8th March, International Women’s Day. There will also be launch parties at Dead Crafty Beer Co, Liverpool and The Birdcage, London.

We'll also be having a launch party at the brewery tap room on Saturday 10th March. We'll have a food vendor, DJs and be extending our opening hours and increasing our capacity! We hope you'll join us and #celebrateXX.