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Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival

  • Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival The Biscuit Factory Edinburgh (map)

26/05/2017 - 28/05/2017


We couldn't be more excited about attending the inaugural Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival. We're going to be pouring our beers alongside some fantastic breweries from around the UK and further afield. 

The festival will be held at The Biscuit Factory, once home to Crawford’s biscuit production.  After several dormant years, it’s vibrancy has returned having been reincarnated as an arts and exhibition space. To celebrate the event and the venue’s heritage, we have brewed a series of beers inspired by our favourite accompaniments to our second favourite type of brew. 

The recent addition of two 100 litre fermentation vessels in the brewery has meant we’ve been able to begin a series of experimental brews which test potential recipes and concepts for beer before we go big and brew them to full scale. It also allows us to make beers for one-off events just like Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival.

Which biscuits should be our guiding light and become the concept for the development of the beers was an impossible decision, so we decided to leave it down to chance. Each of our brewers chose from a hat which biscuit they were to design a recipe for and brew. The biscuits picked were: Shortbread, Jammie Dodger and Bourbon Cream.

Our beer inspired by a Jammie Dodger is an Amber Ale that aims to maximise the strawberry jam notes brought by the hop Motueka alongside the addition of a strawberry infusion and a couple of jars of jam. The resulting brew has a rich biscuity malt base accompanied by notes of sweet strawberries. 

Next up comes the Bourbon Cream. An Imperial Milk Stout brewed with the addition of cacao nibs to bring creamy chocolate flavours and vanilla extract that has been aged in oak barrels to bring elegance and lend a biscuity tone. 

And last but not least we have the regal Shortbread for which we’ve created a beer that possesses the rich buttery-ness of it’s namesake. This beer has been brewed to contain high levels of Diacetyl. This compound is a by-product of fermentation which produces flavours of butter or butterscotch. It is used in the food industry to produce artificial butter flavours. In some beer styles it can add complexity and depth, however it is most often considered a fault as it can be indicative of poor brewing procedures and can make a beer seem one-dimensional if it is dominant. All beers produce diacetyl during fermentation, usually it is absorbed and broken down by the yeast to flavourless compounds – so a beer will lose it’s buttery character as it ages. Here, we were looking to keep this flavour in order to mirror our Shortbread biscuit so we altered our usual brewing procedures in order to retain diacetyl in the beer. The addition of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness to this rich, buttery diacetyl bomb. 

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