Wiper and True is a fast growing brewery, based in St Werburghs, Bristol. Whilst wishing to stay relatively small, our aim is to create an international reputation for the quality of our beer. Founded five years ago, we are at a really exciting stage, expanding production, our new tap room with fresh tank beer, developing our barrel programme and investing in rigorous quality control measures. 

At Wiper and True we regard packaging as important a part of the brewing process as the any other, and one that warrants absolute skill, precision, experience and responsibility. No matter how good the beer is in tank, unless it is packaged to the highest standards all our efforts will be in vain. 

Our packaging is done in house with a 2,000 bph bottling line and manual keg filling. The majority of our beer is conditioned in pack. Currently the brew team are responsible for packing and our brewers rotate into a Pack Lead role every two weeks, ensuring the utmost quality of our final product. We would now like to assign more detailed focus and resource into our packaging, with a dedicated team member taking the lead responsibility for this crucial stage in the process. We are creating a role that will target making improvements to quality, process and structure within the brewery. 


We are looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person to join the brewery as Packaging Manager on a Full Time basis. 

Reporting into the Head Brewer, the successful candidate will be passionate about taking every single beer we make from tank to glass with utmost pride. 


The Packaging Manager works in all areas of the brewery and reports to the Head Brewer.

Your responsibility will be for managing every process around packaging as well as the team on duty. 
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Managing all packaging process and Packaging Assistants:

  • Leading the team on packaging days
  • Setting up, guiding and closing down packaging runs
  • Managing resource and responsibility, focusing on SAFETY, hygiene, quality, workflow and efficiency

A focus on operations and quality, with targets based on:

  • Hygiene, ensuring no contamination is introduced through packaging
  • Packaged beer specifications
  • Packaged beer volumes (yield)
  • Efficiency (hectolitres per person)
  • Minimal wastage of consumables
  • No stock-outs of packaging materials

Maintaining quality to the highest standard, focusing on hygienic process, carbonation, calculating primings rates, parameters for each beer and key potential issues such as dissolved oxygen levels in pack.

Maintenance of packaging machinery, space, tools, equipment etc.

Managing stock of pack materials - ordering, storage and organisation (FIFO system), defect returns assessment disposal (kegs, bottles, etc.), return of non-consumables (pallets, layer dividers etc.)

Working closely with Sales & Marketing on approving and tracking progress of labels (bottles, boxes, kegs, etc.)

Focusing on traceability and cost-saving

Developing, following, and training others in Standard Operating Procedures throughout all stages of packaging, including QC sampling and testing as part of our QA programme

Working closely with Brewers, Operations Manager, Head Brewer and attending meetings (such as a weekly bottling line meet) to make sure operational and quality improvements are discussed, agreed on, communicated and implemented

Attendance at brewing team meetings, which may take place at the start of each day, and weekly whole team meetings

Contributing to and abiding by a HACCP system to maintain standards of Food Safety, Food Quality, and Personal Safety. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of all areas of the brewery

Completing all necessary paperwork accurately and on time

Contributing to and abiding by a Stock Control system

Communicating regularly and efficiently with Wiper and True staff

Arriving to each shift on time with a positive attitude

Performing other duties as required



  • Calm, professional and beer quality focused
  • Able to manage teams in a fast paced manufacturing environment
  • Flexible and comfortable with change and rescheduling
  • Innovative and proactive about suggesting solutions
  • Willing to embrace a physically demanding job
  • Able to manage others and support in their career development
  • Great attention to detail, with exceptionally high personal standards
  • Collaborative, responsible and accountable
  • Organised and efficient
  • Appreciate the importance of and the satisfaction derived from thorough cleaning
  • Proactive and keen to contribute to the growth of the business
  • Passionate about beer, food and flavours
  • Enjoy being part of a hard working team


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Excellent knowledge of the brewing process
  • Experience with fast paced packaging lines, process and machinery
  • Experience and ability in managing a team
  • Great attention to detail
  • A good knowledge of brewing ingredients and equipment
  • Previous brewing and packaging experience
  • A practical, problem solving mindset
  • The desire and skills to grow and develop as fast as the business
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Very good understanding of Food Hygiene and Health and Safety practices

It would be good if you had…

  • Qualifications or training in brewing and packaging, Chemistry, Biology, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety or laboratory procedures
  • Extensive brewing experience in small/medium-sized breweries

Training will be given as required. All employees are expected to abide by the HACCP pre-requisites and Company Policies. Hours may vary in order to accommodate production and staffing needs.

How to apply

Please send your CV and a covering letter to Please state your availability. 

Closing date for applications: 6th May 2018
Interviews: Provisionally the following week
Start date: As soon as possible