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Deep, black and velvety, this is one stouty stout. The abundance of dark malts give the beer a lovely full roasted character with bitter chocolate and liquorices that pairs wonderfully with the warm fruit of the hops.

500 ML BOTTLES  ・  BOTTLED ON: 13/12/12  ・ BEST BEFORE: 12/12/13  ・  BATCH: 1  


Conventional brewing methods dictate that dark roast malts shouldn't make up more than 10% of the ingredients. In a thirst for a super rich, roasty stout we decided to ignore this piece of advice and throw in a lot more. It's full of Chocolate Malt, Black Malt and Roasted Barley to give it that wonderful darkness. This is on top of Maris Otter Pale Malt as a base and alongside Oats for the thick oaty body, and small amount of Amber Malt for a biscuity, coffee kick. 

Our Malt comes from Warminster Maltings, a traditional Victorian floor malt house just down the road in Wiltshire. They produce the finest malts available and are a thoroughly nice bunch. 


We wanted our hops to compliment the dark roast of the malts and so chose to use Bramling Cross for it's berry like flavours that go so well in stouts. But we also wanted some warmth from the hops so we added a firm favourite at W&T - and the hops we use in The Summer - Galaxy. Galaxy has those lovely tropical fruit flavours and aromas that are an unusual choice for a beer like this but we are really pleased with how it has turned out. They add softness and complexity. 


Fermented with Nottingham Ale Yeast


This beer is bottle conditioned. This means that instead of filtering all the  yeast out of the beer and injecting CO2 to make it fizz, we keep the yeast in and let the beer go through a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It's the same process Champagne  makers use. It creates it’s own natural carbon dioxide resulting in a light fizz that we think is a more refined texture and mouthfeel. The beer is alive. It is unfiltered, un-fined and unpasteurized. 

The process does leave some yeast sediment in the bottom, so pour in one smooth motion if you want to leave it in the bottle. 


A smoked cheddar or some dark chocolate


At Devilfish Brewery in Somerset. Sadly the brewery has now closed. 


Store upright in a cool dark place. The beer is ready to drink now but will also age well. 


We use the finest ingredients possible and avoid any unnecessary chemicals or processing aids. We do not pasteurize, filter or clear our beers with synthesised chemicals. The result is that they don’t always have perfect clarity, but we feel this is a sacrifice worth making for keeping anything unnatural out of our beer. 

This beer is vegan friendly.