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6.0% ABV

Hula Hula! A super-hopped Pale Ale blending the distinctive and zesty Citra with the warm fruits of Summer to create a beer bursting with tropical citrus.

500 ML BOTTLES  ・  BOTTLED ON: 23/04/13  ・ BEST BEFORE: 22/10/13  ・  BATCH: 1  


The malt bill for this Pale Ale is kept very simple, to let the hops do the singing.  This beer is made almost entirely from a traditional British Pale malt called Maris Otter, regarded around the world as one of the best beer making malts ever produced, with a little bit of CaraGold for sweetness and body, and some Torrified Wheat for keeping that nice white head all fluffy. 

Our Malt comes from Warminster Maltings, a traditional Victorian floor malt house just down the road in Wiltshire. They produce the finest malts available and are a thoroughly nice bunch. 


This beer is packed full of Citra hops. Citra is a wonderfully potent, resinous and ballsy hop. It's loaded with citrus notes and anything else your tastebuds may care to pick up, from guava to stone fruit. The hop has only been around since 2009 but has exploded onto the craft beer scene and has become a firm favourite for hop heads.  

The Citra is balanced with the more subtle, but wonderfully warm Summer hop from Australia, adding flavours like melon and apricot to round off the crazy citrus.


Fermented with Safale S-05 yeast


This beer is bottle conditioned. This means that instead of filtering all the  yeast out of the beer and injecting CO2 to make it fizz, we keep the yeast in and let the beer go through a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It's the same process Champagne  makers use. It creates it’s own natural carbon dioxide resulting in a light fizz that we think is a more refined texture and mouthfeel. The beer is alive. It is unfiltered, un-fined and unpasteurized. 

The process does leave some yeast sediment in the bottom, so pour in one smooth motion if you want to leave it in the bottle.


At Ashley Down Brewery, Bristol. Many thanks to Vince Crocker at Ashley Down who has been an inspiration and support over the last few months.


Store upright in a cool dark place. The freshness of the hops is the key to this beer so drink it fresh and do not age. 


We use the finest ingredients possible and avoid any unnecessary chemicals or processing aids. We do not pasteurize, filter or clear our beers with synthesised chemicals. The result is that they don’t always have perfect clarity, but we feel this is a sacrifice worth making for keeping anything unnatural out of our beer. 

This beer is vegan friendly.